ESER 2022

European Practitioner Symposium on Equine Reproduction
20 - 21 October 2022
Ghent, Belgium

Semen Handling Course

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The Equine Semen Handling course is a one-day pre-symposium course consisting of on-site lectures, practical exercises and demonstrations on all aspects of semen collection, handling, preservation, and shipment. The course will take place on Wednesday October 19, 2022 at the ERC DeMorette in Asse, Belgium.

This on-site course will provide lectures and hands-on, in-person laboratory sessions giving practical, clinical insights by world leaders in equine semen handling.

The course is limited to 12 veterinarians. The laboratory session will provide hands-on opportunities for semen evaluation, semen preparation for cooled storage, cryopreservation, and shipment of semen. Additional time will be dedicated to cryopreservation of epididymal sperm following sudden death or castration. This course is designed to provide veterinarians with knowledge and clinical skills to incorporate semen collection and management into their clinical practice. Teachers are Peter Deblende (ERC DeMorette, Belgium) and Tullis Matson (Stallion AI Services, UK).

Practical exercises will include:

  • Semen collection
  • Semen evaluation
  • Semen preparation for cooled storage/transport
  • Semen cryopreservation
  • Cryopreservation of epidydimal sperm
  • Equipment required for handling and storing frozen semen
  • Thawing, assessment and insemination techniques for frozen semen
  • Shipping frozen semen
  • How to handle frozen semen brought in by clients
  • What to look out for should there be a problem with a straw
  • How to maintain your nitrogen tanks correctly & safely
  • Handling and safety working with liquid nitrogen
  • Paper work and health papers explained
  • Common problems and troubleshooting

The Equine Semen Handling course is organized in collaboration with the Equine Reproduction Center ERC DeMorette, one of the leading semen freezing centers in Europe. The ERC DeMorette is located in Asse (between Ghent and Brussels). Transport from the city-center of Ghent to ERC DeMorette is included in the registration fee.


The organizers reserve the right to cancel the course at any time. ERC DeMorette and UGent follow all university, government and European guidelines in regards to the prevention of COVD-19. NOTE: participation to the on-site course requires a valid COVID pass, proof of vaccination or immunity, or a recent negative virus test. No exceptions will be accepted.


The registration fee is €550 excl. VAT and includes access to the online lectures, transport between Ghent and ERC DeMorette, coffee/drinks/snacks during break, lunch and dinner with all participants and teachers in Ghent on Wednesday night. Registration is limited to maximum 12 participants. Strict full-is-full policy.

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