ESER 2022

European Practitioner Symposium on Equine Reproduction
20 - 21 October 2022
Ghent, Belgium

Timetable & List of Topics

Thursday - October 20, 2022
7:45 Registration - Coffee and pastry
8:30 Decades of Discovery: events that shaped current veterinary practice in equine reproduction
Patrick McCue
9:15 Early pregnancy loss
Mandi De Mestre
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Effects of blue monochromatic light directed at one eye of pregnant horse mares on gestation, resumption of ovarian function and foal developmentEffects of blue monochromatic light directed at one eye of pregnant horse mares on gestation, resumption of ovarian function and foal development
Christine Aurich
11:15 Surgical and non surgical treatment of strangulated inguinal hernias and how to prevent re-occurence
Hans Wilderjans
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Foal heat breeding
Patrick McCue
14:00 Endometritis
Camilla Scott
14:40 The relationship between early luteal function and conceptus development in the mare
Christine Aurich
15:00 Mare Behavior
Pouya Dini
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 The use of GnRH as an ovulation inducing agent
Jean-François Bruyas
16:30 How to breed the jenny
Duccio Panzani
17:00 Ozone therapy in infertile mares: experience in the field and persectives
Marco Livini
17:30 Ultrasound guided puncture of twin pregnancy: a retrospective study
Jutta Sielhorst
18:00 End of day 1
Friday - October 21, 2022
8:30 Hysteroscopy in the mare
Patrick McCue
9:00 Update on GnRH vaccination in mares and stallions
Jean-François Bruyas
9:30 How to collect semen from a jack
Duccio Panzani
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Advances in equine chilled semen processing, optimum insemination dose and correct handling, packaging and transport
Tullis Matson
11:00 The desperation cycle – last resort options for problem mares
Patrick McCue
11:30 Common complications in donkey reproduction
Duccio Panzani
12:00 Lunch
13:00 What is new in the OPU procedure, selection of donors, expected outcome, complications
Anthony Claes
13:45 The first days of life of an ICSI embryo
Pouya Dini
14:15 Advances in equine semen freezing, optimum frozen semen concentration and correct handling and thawing of frozen semen
Tullis Matson
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 A parentage conundrum
Patrick McCue
15:45 New technologies in equine AI – to include semen sexing, post castration semen extraction, genetic preservation for cloning, genomics, gene editing, and more
Tullis Matson
16:30 Questions and Answers
All speakers
16:55 Closing remarks
17:00 The End

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